About Us

Jazzconnect is owned by Encore Records and Productions, Inc., a Washington, DC based corporation. We have been in business since 1988 and started off as a jazz record company (every one makes a mistake now and then!) but shortly thereafter we focused on booking and promoting jazz artists. In 1999, we started a regional website called DCjazz. In less than 2 years, this regional website grew from 10 artists to 60. Our mailing list grew from 300 names to over 9,000 names and our unique page views increased from 1-10 a day to hundreds a day.

Recently we have branched out to hosting websites for clubs and selling tickets on-line for organizations, concert venues and clubs. Louis Scherr, president, is a jazz musician by trade (he has recorded with Joe Henderson, Gary Burton and Claudio Roditi) and as a hobby loves to write code.

Our Mission Statement
  • To unite jazz musicians, listeners and supporters of jazz.
  • We aspire to provide a top quality website featuring a centralized information base for all jazz musicians and enthusiasts to use.
  • All musicians hosted on the site will be represented in a professionally designed "Artist Suite", featuring biographical information, performance schedule, contact information and streaming audio for their CDs. A true e-commerce setup will allow people viewing the site to place a secure credit card order.
  • Our on-line musicians directory, The Jazzconnect Cyber-Union©™ has been created for the professional musician. The comprehensive profile created for each musician allows the musician to effectively network and efficiently hire other musicians for gigs.
  • We will offer an annual competition with an attractive prize. This will give musicians a unique opportunity for exposure of their music, an incentive to produce their music and the means to record it.
  • We will offer a fully developed link area for related music business listings
  • The site will be advertised across the Internet and in jazz publications
  • The site will represent all of the many genres of jazz including classic, contemporary, Latin and modern.
  • We will create in-house advertising for our artist members by placing their music on our jukebox and our MP3 pages.
  • We will develop an email list and keep the jazz community informed about upcoming performances and cd releases.
  • Jazzconnect.com will be able to offer artists a powerful way to market themselves and their products more efficiently and cost effectively than if they tried to do it on their own.