Cheryl Fisher - Moments Like This
1. RealAudio Close Yours Eyes
2. Last Night When We Were Young
3. RealAudio Detour Ahead
4. Moments Like This
5. RealAudio I Concentrate on You
6. RealAudio I'm Old Fashioned
7. RealAudio I Got It Bad
8. RealAudio Jordu
9. I Wish I Knew
10. Blame It On My Youth
11. Autumn In New York

Moments Like This cover



Cheryl Fisher - vocals
Oliver Jones - piano
Ira Sullivan - trumpet, flugelhorn, soprano saxophone, alto flute
Eric Allison - alto and tenor saxophones, flute
Jamie Ousley - bass
Danny Burger - drums
Randall Dollahon - guitar

One of the top jazz singers to emerge from Canada during the past decade, Cheryl Fisher has a beautiful voice, is both a fine scat singer and a subtle improviser who embraces superior lyrics, and has the knack for perfectly placing notes. Her five recordings are each quite worthy with "Moments Like This" giving listeners a softer side to the singer along with the opportunity to hear her interact with such greats as Oliver Jones, Ira Sullivan and Eric Allison. "Moments Like This" is an historic CD since it is the first meeting on record by Oliver Jones and Ira Sullivan. It is creative in the way it casts a fresh light on a variety of vintage standards. But most of all, it is notable for featuring Cheryl Fisher fulfilling the potential that she showed at the 2001 Montreal Jazz Festival when she was billed as "one of the greatest female singers in the history of Canadian jazz."
Scott Yanow - Jazziz

Cheryl Fisher - Joyride
1. RealAudio In A Mellow Tone
2. RealAudio I Can Dream, Can't I?
3. RealAudio J'Adore

4. RealAudio Speak Low
5. RealAudio I'll Forget You
6. Joyride
7. The Girl's Colors
8. Heart's Desire
9. Beautiful Love
10. Let's Get Lost
11. Dear Bix
12. I Found Love (Up Jumped Spring)
13. Girl Talk



Cheryl Fisher - vocals
Eric Allison - saxophones, flute and clarinet
Phillip Strange - piano
Neil Swainson - bass
Terry Clarke - drums
Reg Schwager - guitar

LOOK OUT- one of Canada's best-kept secrets is getting harder to contain. With her fourth album, JOYRIDE, Alberta born Cheryl Fisher sweeps out of western Canada to claim new musical territory and to extend a vocal command that deepens with each new recording. True mastery comes from blending technical know-how with an emotional commitment to the music. Cheryl's sensitive phrasing, her surehanded time and a dramatic sense of having lived inside each song's lyrics are all part of her musical toolkit. She has become a true musician whose voice is a colorful instrument in its own right.
Matt Schudel - The Washington Post

Cheryl Fisher - slow hand jazz
1. RealAudio Devil May Care
2. RealAudio Invitation
3. RealAudio Yardbird Suite

4. How Is Your Wife
5. Daddy
6. RealAudio Tell Me About It
7. RealAudio Bridges
8. Ornithology
9. An Empty Glass
10. Summer Scenes
11. Moon At The Window
12. (MP3) Sugar



Musicians featured on this recording are:
Piano: Tommy Banks and Bob Erlendson
Alto Sax: P.J. Perry Drums
Percussion: Tommy Doran, Garry De Boeck and John de Waal
Acoustic Bass: Mike Lent, Ken Coffey, and Richard Erickson
Flugelhorn and Trumpet: Bob Tildesley, Bob Day
Acoustic Guitar: Allan Vance, Oscar Lopez
Percussion: Tilo Paiz
Flute/Tenor Sax: Eric Friedenberg
Vocals: Cheryl Fisher

"Cheryl Fisher embodies the essence of jazz vocal. She has a smooth, swingin' style wrapped in an apparently strong grasp of melody and jazz theory. Each phrase, line and solo is flawless. I've heard a lot of vocal albums but this one is the best I've heard this year" R.Romus - Jazz Now

Cheryl Fisher - Too Late To Hurry
1. RealAudio Alone Together
2. RealAudio The End Of A Love Affair
3. RealAudio Indian Summer

4. (MP3) I Fall In Love Too Easily
5. Eye Of The Strom
6. Dorothy Parker
7. Chorado
8. Night Walk
9. (MP3) Letting You Go
10. RealAudio Little Jazz Bird
11. This Song Of You
12. Here's That Rainy Day



With her second CD, Too Late To Hurry, Fisher's reputation is rapidly spreading into the US market. She was invited to perform, representing Canadian artists, at the Western Alliance of Arts Administrators annual conference and has been nominated by ARIA as Best New Jazz Recording Artist. Fisher has been a featured artist at the Women of Distinction Awards in the Jack Singer Concert Hall, along with Sylvia Tyson, and has been reviewed and featured in Jazz publications in France, England, the US and Canada.

"Her phrasing is effortless, pouncing on odd syllables and accenting just after the beat, making everything swing like mad, yet the effect is light and easy as if she's never given phrasing a second thought."
Ladbroke Jazz Quarterly, London

Cheryl Fisher Live In Concert - God Bless The Child
1. RealAudio God Bless The Child
2. RealAudio Estate
3. RealAudio Straight No Chaser

4. (MP3) Only....You!
5. Alone Together
6. You Were Meant For Me
7. RealAudio Goodbye, Pork Pie Hat
8. Invitation
9. As Long As He needs Me



"…it is safe to say that Cheryl Fisher is a bone fide jazz singer, one who approaches her material, whether standard or self composed, with the ear of an improvising horn man. Indeed, given her range and sonority, her voice could be easily taken for that of an alto sax endowed with the gift of speech."
Jack Sohmer, Downbeat