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Country Artist Name Track Score
Dave Pietro Permission Granted 12.54
George Colligan Theme For Kareen 12.54
Thomas Winther Andersen Waltz For Debby 12.16
Sheryl Bailey Segment 12.08
Sarah Jane Cion The Cupbearers 12.08
Sue Tucker Sugar 11.88
Lex O'Brien dot calm 11.70
Angela Hagenbach Street Of Dreams 11.63
Randy Bauer My Shining Hour 11.57
Deanna Witkowski All Through The Night 11.35
Loet Van der Lee Honesty 11.34
Dick De Graaf Recorda Me 11.22
Amanda Sedgwick Dunewalk 11.12
Daniel Martina Tute 11.12
Don Wilner Dexterity 11.09
Joseph Cunliffe Naima 11.07
Fabien Degryse Traffic Jam 11.03
Ericka Ovette It Might As Well Be Spring 10.82
Scott Hesse Giant Steps 10.72
Steve Herberman Laura 10.69
Gregory Lawrence Wild Flower 10.42
Ethan Hartshorn Doc. C 10.31
Byron Stripling Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You 10.22
Kirk MacDonald Pure and Simple 10.18
Phil Ranelin Just Friends 10.16
Wayne Wilentz Roberto Berimbau 10.15
G.F. Mlely Spirit 10.14
Mark Little Alone Together 10.13
Steve Carrington The Hip Hunter 10.10
Chris Mcnulty Young and Foolish 9.99
Jan Leder Survival of the Flutist 9.93
Ulli Junemann Elephant Song 9.91
Ben Jansson The Song Is You 9.90
Marco Acquarelli Here's That Rainy Day 9.87
Elias Bailey Blues For Alice 9.80
Mike Gellar Wendy 9.78
Kobby April Love 9.78
Michael Durig Cherokee 9.75
Miguel Romero Zorro's Rollercoaster 9.75
Mark Greene The Days of Wine & Roses 9.74
Nicola Mingo Mr. P.C. 9.74
Scott Sherwood Playthings 9.72
Joseph Natale In Remembrance Of 9.72
Ron Kearns Blues In The Alley 9.72
JaRon Eames Doggin Around 9.71
Daria Matacia Norwegian Wood 9.71
Marc Lezwijn Goofin' & Groovin' 9.70
Ahmad Alaadeen 'ASR 9.69
Nika Rejto Emily 9.69
Steve Marvin Sweet Sue 9.69
Jim Robitaille Lost and Found 9.69
Bart Flos Those Nasty Little Shepherds 9.69
Danilo Memoli Take The "D" Trane 9.68
Melissa Hamilton It Never Entered My Mind 9.67
Heinrich von Kalnein From Me To You 9.66
Darryl Harper Nostalgia in Time Square 9.66
Larry Brown Lament 9.64
Roger Ebacher Nomadic Drill 9.63
Travis Sullivan No Consequence 9.63
Ruby Hayes Since I Fell For You 9.63
Derrick Finch Maiden Voyage 9.61
Krisanthi Pappas The Lady Is A Tramp 9.61
George Spicka Seven Movements of Hysteria 9.61
Daria You Stepped Out Of A Dream 9.58
Robert Gomez Evocation 9.58
Steinar Raknes Blue Span 9.58
Halley Shoenberg Be Free 9.57
Lenny Marcus Sun Ray 9.57
Axinia Schonfeld The Man I Love 9.57
Tom Lippincott On Green Dolphin Street 9.56
Ricky Loza Bye, Bye Blackbird 9.56
Kelley Suttenfield Devil May Care 9.55
Sean Jamaal All Of Me 9.54
Tony Kieraldo Chincha Familia 9.54
Ernan Lopez-Nussa Sophisticated Lady 9.54
Misha V. Stefanuk Straight No Chaser 9.54
Billy Eric Casilero 9.54
Michele Thomas Black Nile 9.53
Ardell Come Rain Or Shine 9.53
Toni Harris Billy's Bounce 9.52
Nicole Mitchell Stalking The Cat 9.50
Iva Ambush Send Me Someone To Love 9.49
Rochelle Thompson Dindi 9.49
Pamela Parker Since I Fell For You 9.48
Anna Dagmar Johnson Don't Turn Away 9.37
Monika Herzig Effendi 9.37
Richard "Cookie" Thomas Almost Like Being In Love 9.37
Rhonda Robinson Yesterdays 9.36
Danielle Westphal Dream A Little Dream of Me 9.35
Bugs Beddow Manhatten Burn 9.35
Joe Kaplowitz You've Got it Bad Girl 9.33
Tamm E Hunt Black Coffee 9.31
Serguei Zybine St. Louis Blues 9.26
Greg Chako The Sweet One 9.26
David Young Ancient Mystery 9.21
Kym Lawrence Summertime 9.20
Robert Mari Twinkle Twinkle 9.20
Joseph Lee Brother 9.19
Kat Berentsen It Could Happen To You 9.17
Yana Tioulkova Angel Eyes 9.10
Changamire It's Over 9.09
Tyler Summers Metropolis 9.08
Deborah Jones Triste 9.04
Jane Lamar Flashback 8.97
Cathy Dorsey Who Can I Turn To 8.96
Stephanie Sweeney Love For Sale 8.93
Tim Bratt Manha de Carnival 8.90
Indigo I Thought About You 8.89
Monica Akihary Salo Au 8.81
Patty Carpenter Ain't Got Nothin But The Blues 8.71
Nicky Crayson Since I Fell For You 8.70