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The scores range from 4 (lowest possible score) to 16 (highest possible score).
The results are the totals from the general public vote combined with the judge's vote.

Country Artist Name Track Score
Kelley Johnson Tea For Two 13.21
Mamiko Taira Too Late Now 13.07
Miëtt Molnar If You Could See Now 13.02
Diana Clark Cry No More 13.02
J.D. Walter Golden Lady 12.58
George Evans Lullaby Of The Leaves 12.56
Adriana Samargia Out Of Nowhere 12.46
Julie Kelly Thou Swell 12.34
Julie Hardy Iris 12.11
Cindy Scott It Don't Mean A Thing 12.03
Susanne Menzel Obrigado 11.9
Jeffrey Baker My Funny Valentine 11.61
Lucianne Evans Where or When 11.48
Fay Claassen But Not For Me 11.39
Taylene Lyon Dat Dere 10.00
Madeline Kole I Won't Dance 9.97
Karin Plato Up With The Lark 9.90
Ron Sunshine Ain't No Use 9.81
Laura Varcho Is You Is Or Is You Ain't (Ma Baby) 9.78
James Karolides Candy 9.77
Richard "Cookie" Thomas That's All 9.74
Anna Callahan I've Never Been In Love Before 9.71
Vicki Burns So What? 9.66
Michele Thomas Where Were You When I Needed You? 9.66
Esther Williams It's Time For Love 9.62
Joani Taylor You and the Night and the Music 9.55
Mary Baker Summertime 9.54
Stephanie Clark I Should Care 9.52
Gerard Carelli Old Devil Moon 9.52
Marcella Puppini Lazy Afternoon 9.52
Lady Mem'Fis Teach Me Tongiht 9.51
Juliet Midgley He Reminds Me Of You 9.51
Catherine Gale How High The Moon 9.47
Datevik Hovanesian Fascinating Rhythm 9.45
Kathy Kosins Gee Baby (Ain't I Good To You) 9.45
Hydeus Kiatta Hammam 9.43
Ardell Haskins One For My Baby 9.43
Jody Sandhaus Small Day Tomorrow 9.39
Mary Elllen Spann Willow Weep for Me 9.39
Gill Ward Poisoned Kiss 9.36
Bianca Morales A Foggy Day in London Town 9.35
Debbie Duncan Centerpeice 9.34
Daria Matacia Summertime 9.33
Evita Cobo But Beautiful 9.33
Steve Marvin Young And Foolish 9.32
Susan de Jong Love for Sale 9.30
Kaoruko Triste 9.30
Georgia Mancio The Masquerade is Over 9.28
Larraine Odell What's New 9.26
Sophie Bancroft Moanin' 9.21

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