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Voting Instructions
Below you'll find instructions on how to vote. This competition is not a popularity contest and the word "vote" might be a little confusing. You're actually ranking the contestants by judging their individual performances. In order to successfully accomplish this goal, you must try to vote for as many contestants as possible.
  • Choose an artist and click on the "Listen and Vote" link. A voting card will appear.
  • There will be a link on the voting card to listen to the track. You must have the RealAudio player installed on your computer to hear the track. Click here to download it if you don't have the player. It's a free download (you don't have to buy the RealPlayer Plus - just look for the free basic player).
  • After listening to the track, check the appropriate boxes on the voting card and press submit. You will directed back to the stage page to listen and vote for the next contestant.
  • After voting for each artist, a blue and white check mark is automatically placed next to the artist's name. This shows you which artists you have voted for. Please vote for all artists. Next time you log in, it will show you which artists you need to vote for.
  • If you're interested in more information about the artist, you can click on the artist's name and go to their website.
  • Please register only once to vote. Registering multiple emails addresses is not permitted and those votes will not be counted.
 (Demo for illustrating purposes only - links don't work)
Artist Name Track Listen & Vote Date Entered Voted Score
Art Tatum Memories of You Listen and Vote 09/11/01 16
Joe Henderson Warm Valley Listen and Vote 09/11/01   14.367
**Please note: The voting done on-line, by the international jazz community, will count for 50 percent of the vote. A panel of judges (professional musicians) will also vote and their vote will count for 50 percent of the vote. 3 finalists will be selected (the top 3 scores) and the 1st place winner will be chosen from a final round of voting done entirely on-line.