Ben Jansson, Saxophonist

Ben Jansson is a 23 year old tenor saxophone player living and working in the Ann Arbor, Detroit area and Toronto, Canada. The last five years Ben has spent living in Toronto where he attended Humber college(1996-2000) and studied with renowned jazz saxophonist Pat Labarbera and Multi-instrumentalist Don Thompson. During his years at Humber college Ben began to gig and sit in with some of Toronto's finest musicians including, bassist Neil Swainson, guitarist Reg Schwager, drummer Jerry Fuller, Phil Dywer and Don Thompson and many more. Ben's education has not just been at school, but at the many clubs, listening to great jazz and sessioning with other like minded musicians.

Ben began playing jazz in high school while studying with Michael Grace in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Later, Ben began to study with Detroit saxophonist George Benson. Currently, Ben divides his time between Ann Arbor and Toronto and plans to move to Toronto to live and work in the future.