Pianist Danilo Memoli starts to study jazz in 1984. After workshops with Barry Harris, Gary Burton and Lee Konitz attends Siena Jazz Seminars with Franco d'Andrea and Riccardo Zegna, also playing with Paolo Fresu, Andrea Dulbecco and Ettore Martin, all featured on his own extended composition "October Suite" (1989).

From 1992 his professional activity includes Jazz Festivals and clubs in Italy and abroad (Antibes-Juan Les Pins, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Terrassa, Davos, New York), with musicians such as Bruno Marini, Mauro Negri, Robert Bonisolo, Flavio Boltro, Pietro Tonolo, Roberto Rossi, David Boato, Maurizio Caldura, Carlo Atti, Piero Odorici, Marco Tamburini, Gianni Cazzola, Nicoletta Manzini, Jim Snidero, Kurt Weiss, Tony Scott, Ciara Arnette, Cheryl Porter, Gregg August, Tom Kirkpatrick, Steve Sleagle, John Mosca, Steve Grossman, Philip Harper, Eddie Henderson. All these bands are available for concerts and workshops in Europe.

From 1997 he is playing steadily with Atti, Sands, Weiss, Kirkpatrick, Mosca and in the Steve Grossman Quartet - as well as free-lancing with his trio (tours with Eddie Henderson, Jim Snidero and others) His own record "JAZZ" features this trio plus Mosca and Grossman as guest stars. He also worked as assistant for pianist Garry Dial at the Manhattan School of Music of New York, as well as in workshops with Bill Frisell and Lee Konitz, and teaches jazz piano and ensemble in Vicenza (Thelonious School) and Padova.

Contacts and informations: Danilo Memoli ph. & fax +39 0444 963184 cellphone +39 347 054 2682 e-mail: danilo.memoli@tin.it