Ernán López-Nussa, Pianist

Ernán López Nussa, one of the premiere pianists in Cuba today, has surprisingly blond hair and blue eyes. With his French and Polish background, it looks more as if he is from Hamburg or Warsaw as opposed to the racially mixed center of old Havana, but it is clear that his soul and his music are one hundred percent Cuban. He studied classical piano at the prestigious Cuban Institute of Arts, and developed his musical style in the 1980's when working with Afrocuba, the Cuban school of music. There he came into contact with the talented generation of Cuban musicians that includes Oriente Lopez, Omar and Oscarito Valdes.. With this group, Ernán situated himself at the head of the Cuban music vanguard, a phase that peaked when he worked with the famous Cuban singer Sylvio Rodriguez on two releases, "Causas y Azares" and "Oh Melancolia".

The second stage of his career began with the founding of the "Cuarto Espacio". Led by Ernán, "Cuarto Espacio" brought together the talents of ex-members of the band "Afrocuba" to create a new jazz sound. Two years later, Ernán began his solo career, proving to be a master pianist and joining the ranks of such stars as Chucho Valdés, and Gonzalo Rubalcaba. Performances in England at Ronnie Scott's, at the New Morning in Paris, and tours in Chicago, Los Angeles, Tokio, Rio de Janeiro, Sap Paulo, Buenos Aires, Madrid, Rome, and many other cities around the world have made his art universal. Last year (2000), Ernán, a seasoned and meticulous pianist, invited Cuban musicians like Tata Güines, Changuito and Joege Reyes to take part in one of the most sophisticated musical projects to come from Cuba via Brazil. This CD, "From Havana To Rio" (VELAS RECORDS), is a mature , elegant, refined and respectful combination of the musical roots of Cuba anf Brazil, rich with jewels like "Baiã de Lacan" and "Isla" More about Ernán López Nussa at: Contact: Eddie Ortiz--946 W. Fry St. 1-W; Chicago,Il. 60622 Tel. 774-404-3338 E-mail:

More about Ernán López Nussa at:

Contact: Eddie Ortiz--946 W. Fry St. 1-W
Chicago,Il. 60622
Tel: (773) 404-3338