Jazz Percussionist Ricky Loza

A native of El Salvador, began playing marimba and drums at age 4 with a family orchestra, began formal study at age 6, and began performing professionally at age 12. In 1967, joined the National Symphony of El Salvador. Soon afterwards, began playing at Washington, D. C. nightclubs and started to play Jazz almost exclusively. Moved to DC in 1985 and has worked with Jimmy McGriff, Gary Bartz, Woody Shaw, Leon Thomas, Ruby Glover, Ronnie Wells and Ron Elliston, Wes Biles, Fred Hughes, Cheyney Thomas, Paul Carr, Jacques Johnson, Alfredo Mojica, Jr., Chris Grasso, Kathy Lyon, and Chad Carter to name a few. Featured performer annually in a variety of settings at the East Coast Jazz Festival. Plays drums, timbales, timpani, electric drums, and the full gamut of percussion instruments. Currently teaches percussion at George Washington University.

Jazz Percussionist / Instructor Member: Fish Middleton Jazz Scholarship Fund, Inc. / East Coast Jazz

George Washington University: 202-994-6245
Cell: 240-899-2029
Fax: 301-601-2895