Stephanie Sweeney, jazz vocalist

Stephanie Sweeney

Stephanie Sweeney's sucessful journey as an artist began in London where she was born, then to Brooklyn where she grew up, taking her to Manhattan where she currently lives and performs. While studying speech and theatre at Iona College, she sang in everything from rock bands and choirs to recording projects that featured Reggae and Gospel music. Her exposure to a wide range of music helps her draw from many genres: Socca, Calypso, Reggae, Country, as well as Tranditional Spirituals, but the front runner to all - for her - is Jazz.

When Ms. Sweeney performs Jazz, she is in her element. She has performed with Butch Morris' "Conduction" orchestra. (In a trip the light fantastic into on-the-spot Jazz improvisation!) She also toured in Toronto and Japan, singing her version of Soul-inspired, modern Jazz. She has performed with Judi Silvano, Emme Kemp, Ratzo Harris, Charles Eubanks, and Mel Martin (who worked with Dizzy Gillespie), to name a few.

Ms. Sweeney's musical edification continues with Jazz piano at the Harbor Conservatory for the Performing Arts in Harlem and classical piano with Teresa Marin. Rounding out her studies in voice are Janet Lawson, Norman Simmons and Patricia Ruiz.

Ms. Sweeney's connection to music is evolutionary. With her voice, she captures the notes and encourages them to develop and grow. Instinctively, she knows that some songs need to twist and bend, and some songs need to lay smooth and low.

For further information you may contact Stephanie at:
Phone (212) 592-3332
Mail 244 5th Ave #29153 NY NY 10001