Susanne Menzel

Susanne Menzel, born 1974 in the hanseatic City of Bremen, Germany, discovered her love for jazz and jazzrelated music at the age of 19. One year later she began a jazzstudies-programm in Dresden, the most beautiful city in former east-germany. During the years of study she even spent some time at the school of music at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio.

In 1999, she finished the jazzprogramm and started to work as a jazzsinger and vocaljazzeducator on a freelancing basis, and just recently as a jazzvocalteacher at the University of Oldenburg, Germany.

Susanne Menzel has had some inspiring moments and great experiences with famous jazzmusicians, such as Maria Schneider (USA), Claudio Roditi (Brazil), Klaus Ignatzek (Germany), Dick de Graaf (Netherlands) and Gustavo Bergalli (Argentina).

The current repertoire consists mainly of seldomly played Jazzstandards (some American Popular Song), some jazzy arranged Popsongs of the last decades as well as contemporary jazzcompositions by famous german pianist/composer Klaus Ignatzek and other inspired musicians. Right now Susanne works on different new projects and tries to find her way to become a successful and contented musician.