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  • Question: What is the Jazzconnect Cyber-Union©™?
    Answer: It is an on-line directory listing of jazz musicians and music business professionals. It is better than the best "union book" since it is world wide, very comprehensive, fully searchable, interactive and as "current" as it's members want to make it.
  • Question: What information does it require?
    Answer: When you register, you fill in a comprehensive profile about yourself. In addition to normal contact information and email address, you are asked what instruments you play, your styles, specialties, whether you teach, the kind of gigs you're interested in, if you're willing you travel, the kind of equipment you have, etc. This information can be accessed by other registries and is fully searchable by name, instrument, occupation and style.
  • Question: How can I use it?
    Answer: You can login anytime, from any computer in the world, and use this data base like a personal data bank for quick retrieval of telephone numbers, email addresses, website links, etc. You can also use it to search for an artist who has a special combination of skills or plays multiple instruments. You can use it to network with other musicians and get information on players you may not be familiar with. In addition, booking groups or hiring sidemen has never been easier with the Cyber-Union's advanced interactive features and emailing capabilities.
  • Question: What is the cost to register?
    Answer: It is absolutely free.