1. RealAudio G's Bop
2. RealAudio Auger Inn
3. RealAudio Horn Rim Glasses
4. I'll Go On Loving You Forever
5. Blues For The One
6. A Message For Monk
7. RealAudio Secrets
8. Sir Jones
9. Play Therapy, "A Drum Thang"
10. (MP3) One For Bags


The CD is my grateful bow to the source of this dynamic interpretative language, the jazz masters of the '40s and '50s. From "Message for Monk" to "Horn Rim Glasses", each composition is an attempt to capture the essence of my influences. The CD features original compositions and some of the best musicians from Anchorage, Alaska, a hidden metropolis supporting this music. Finally, it is my attempt to create kinetic energy, capturing the essence of jazz which keeps it fresh forever!