Intrinsic Value Productions

While traveling, performing music has always been a large part of my life; another part of my life has been spent in the area of Professional Sound & Recording. I have had the opportunity to be involved in the development and marketing of products from companies such as KAT, Anatek, Bag End, Audix and others. In fact, I was the first African American to own a Professional Sound Manufacturers rep firm in the country. Because of the combination of this background and my performance and recording background, I decided to put them both to work in the formation of Intrinsic Value Productions.

Webster’s Contemporary Dictionary, Encyclopedic Edition, defines Intrinsic thusly; “belonging to the nature of a thing or person; inherent; essential. Contained or being within”. It defines Value as; “the desirability or worth of a thing”. Therefore, my aim with Intrinsic Value Productions is to produce music that derives its value from simply being what it is, great music. Before the marketing is strategized. Before the pictures are taken. Before the liner notes are written. Before the hype, the value must be in the music itself.

The first project from IVP was the debut CD from the trio ThreeForAll entitled “Premonition”. This CD was released in February 2000. Even without the great photos, the graphic design or the liner notes, this CD has a lot of great music on it and I am proud of it. Check it out, I think you will enjoy.

The second project is scheduled for a Labor Day Weekend 2001 release. It is from saxophonist Antonio Parker and is entitled “The Exchange”. This CD contains music that Antonio wrote while on a State Dept. tour of Africa. How’s that for some intrinsic value right off the bat. Antonio and I co-produced this CD and we are extremely proud of the way it turned out. The CD features Vince Evans (Lenny White) on keyboards, Keith Kilgo (the Blackbyrds) on drums, Vinny Valentino on guitar, Yusef Chisolm on bass, Sam Turner on percussion, Imani on vocals, Jamal Brown on flute as well as Patrick de Santos on vocals. Horn section augments some tunes and I actually play drums on two tunes. This one is going to do real well.

The third project for IVP is the Organic Trio CD. This project is almost complete and is scheduled for a Thanksgiving release. For those of you who don’t know the story, this group was formed to apply for a Kennedy Center/State Department tour happening in the spring of 2002. The theme of this tour is the Blues. So I put together an organ trio with Marshall Keys and Harry Appelman, got some music together and went into the studio to record what was supposed to be a thirty-minute audition demo. Well, it came out so good that I decided to do a CD with the group and we’re almost done. Look for it in Nov. 2001.

I am always looking for artists who have something to say in their music; artists that are committed to making great music for the music’s sake. This is not to say that I am opposed to fame and fortune. I like nice things as much as the next guy does, but the music has to come first. No amount of hype can make bad music stand the test of time. If you are an artist and have some great music that you want to record but don’t know your way around a recording studio, contact IVP. If you have some music, you don’t know if it’s great music but you like it and want to get it evaluated, contact IVP. If you are a record company seeking a production company with a fresh sound and approach, contact Intrinsic Value Productions-Producing Great Music From The Inside Out.