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01 Old Devil Moon
02 I Remember You
03 Cornet Man
Where Is the Love
Contigo Aprendi
Reis e Rainhas do Maracatu
Come Rain or Come Shine
I've Got to Use My Imagination
There's a Boat Dat's Leavin'
10 Oh, You Crazy Moon
Love Me or Leave Me
With Every Breath I Take
Before We Lose Tomorrow
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Special Musicians Names

Piano: Dave Kane

Bass: Drew Gress

Drums: Mike Smith

Trumpet: Chris Battistone

Tenor Saxophone: Glenn Cashman

Flutes: Mike Crotty

Trombone: Doug Elliott

Vibes: Chuck Redd

Guitar: Rick Whitehead

Percussion: Alfredo Mohica

Even before jazz vocalist Maija (pronounced "Maya") sings a note on her new album, "Before We Lose Tomorrow", one gets the feeling she's in god company, thanks to Mike Crotty's sinuous horn chart for "Old Devil Moon." Along with several other musicians who frequently play around town, including bassist Drew Gress and trumpeter Chris Battistone, Crotty is responsible for helping frame and flatter Maija's often sensuous balladry.

To her endless credit, Maija isn't the sort of singer who tries to sell a song with a smiley face and an abundance of enthusiasm. On the contrary, she's more apt to inhabit a lyric than peddle it. Save for an occasional melismatic wrinkle, she scats nimbly and swings easily, yet her real strength lies in her thoughtful approach to ballads, which she sings in English, Spanish and Portuguese with often haunting results.

Crotty's four savvy horn arrangements and Battistone's muted trumpet help put a jazz spin on several of the pop ballads, including "Where Is the Love" and "Come Rain or Come Shine," but no matter what the origin of the ballad or the setting, whether it's Ivan Lins's cautionary title track or an unusual and decidedly bluesy recitation of "I've Got to Use My Imagination," there's no mistaking the alternately tender and sultry allure of Maija's interpretations.
--- Mike Joyce

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