The Manny Bobenrieth Ensemble is a newly formed group, which consists of accordion, violin, piano, bass, electric guitar and vibes. Although the group is incredibly diverse and comfortable performing in many diverse musical venues to include jazz, classical, American popular song and ethnic music, its forte lies in the interpretation of the music of Argentinean composer Astor Piazzolla. Their new CD entitled “Tangata” features primarily the music of Piazzolla, but also includes works by Cole Porter and Brazilian composer A.C. Jobim.

The group has performed to sell out audiences at Blues Alley in Washington D.C. The Corcoran Gallery of Art, The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, The State Department and various colleges and community centers in the area.      

Here’s what the critics and the press have to say:

“…. The arrangements of Piazzolla’s compositions are challenging and intricate, the performance level is exceptionally high, and the dramatic, occasionally dissonant thrust of the music… is…unnerving at times.. The pieces are the product of a finely tuned (and attuned) ensemble…”

     Mike Joyce - The Washington Post

“….your group is one of the few new tango groups in America and certainly one of the best.”

      John Buckman - President, Piazzolla Org

“….his efforts have yielded a challenging, impressively accomplished recording.”

     Joel Siegel - The Washington City Paper

“….Tangata is that rare treat….the music on this CD is crisp, original and flawless in performance…every musician on this CD is top-notch … a class act, Tangata is a winner….congratulations to each musician on a job well crafted, well performed, well done and highly entertaining to listen to! Excellent!!”

     Lee Prosser - JazzReview

"….The mix is irresistible…. The ensemble …clearly feels the passion. The interpretations are electric with feeling and flow."

     Ann Geracimos - The Washington Times

"….This is a compelling CD and it breathes of quality. The album displays fine musicianship and excellent technique…..nicely done and significant."

     James O'Brien - The Classical Free Reed

"….The group interplay is exceptional, the arrangements complex and exciting, and the whole album has a lush tropical feel."

     Joel Roberts - All About Jazz Magazine

"The Piazzolla tracks present a multi-textured, charmingly romantic, rhythmically intoxicating, and hard swinging program that stands apart from anything these ears have caught recently. . . . Altogether different and fascinating. Highly recommended."

     W. Royal Stokes, author of "Living the Jazz Life : Conversations With Forty Musicians About Their Careers In Jazz" (Oxford University Press)

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