the NEW CD by Pam Bricker, Wayne Wilentz and Jim West

Released September 11th, the new offering from Backstreet Records is "U-topia", featuring WAMMIE winner Pam Bricker on vocals, Gold Record recording artist Wayne Wilentz on keyboards and Jim West on Drums. The three have worked together for over 6 years, and have a fluid blend and comfort level that only comes with that much familiarity. The recording can be classified as a "live in the basement" sort, and has all the excitement and fire of a live recording without the crowd noise.



Song: Composer

  1. Lucky To Be Me: Bernstein, Comden, Green
  2. E Preciso Perdoar: Luz, Coquejo
  3. Overjoyed: Steveland Morris
  4. It's Not Too Soon: Bricker, Kaye
  5. Goodbye Porkpie Hat: Mingus, Mitchell
  6. Home At Last: Becker, Fagan
  7. Autumn Leaves: Prevert, Mercer
  8. Coffee Song: Hilliard, Miles
  9. I Mean You: Monk, Hendricks
  10. Lover Come Back: Black, Wilentz
  11. Retrato Em Branco E Preto: Jobim, Buarque
  12. (MP3) It's All Right With Me: Porter
  13. Up From The Skies: Hendrix
  14. Superstar: Russell
  15. Ornithology: Parker, Kernan
  16. I'm Getting Sentimental Over You*: Bassman, Washington
                    * With Peter Bricker on Trombone!!!
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